Monday, May 21, 2012


I may try Winghart's again and edit my rating if my 2nd visit is better, but my 1st visit made me feel like I had just listened to Metallica's "St Anger" record; like a disappointed seventeen year old. I ordered the shipwreck burger, medium rare. The toppings on this burger are awesome, but my burger came out well done. I purposely ordered a medium rare because I wanted it medium, and I know that joints like Burgatory and this place tend to overcook their burgers slightly. Of course when it came out well done I was incensed.

The place doesn't really have a drink menu, or a beer list. I asked the waiter for a beer recommendation and he said "well, I don't drink." That's like going to a furniture store, asking the sales associate "How is this bed?" And he responds with "I don't know, I sleep on a futon." The fries were fine. Overall, this was a disappointing meal, ruined by poor execution by both the front of the house (shoddy service), back of the house (comically overcooked burger), and management (no drink menu or beer list printed, hiring less-than-excellent staff).

Uhhh, more like Wingfarts LOLOLOL!!!111

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  1. You captured the experience very succinctly.

    On a further head-shaking note, I must reiterate my previous complaint about their coleslaw: it was like you dumped the contents of a Chinese restaurant's garbage disposal into a punchbowl full of mayonnaise.